Wednesday, February 29, 2012


  The INAT, which is a set of so called rules clarifications are a bit of a joke. In many instances, the writers ignore the main rule book in several instances... here is an example.

◊GK.54A.01 – Q: Do all of the wounds caused by an Independent Character or Dreadknight with an ‘active’ Nemesis Force Weapon inflict ‘Instant Death’ (or is only a single wounded enemy model affected as with standard Force Weapons)?
A: Yes, once an IC/Dreadknight ‘activates’ his Nemesis Force Weapon all wounds inflicted by him for the phase inflict ‘Instant Death’ [clarification].

Another instance of screwing up the basic rules...

GK.37G.01 – Q: If a unit without Personal Teleporters disembarks using ‘Shadow Skies’, scatters and ends up actually landing in difficult/dangerous terrain, do they take two dangerous terrain tests or just one? A: Two. First when the unit scatters and again when the surviving models are actually placed into the difficult/dangerous terrain [clarification]. Ref: BA.38J.01, IG.56C.01 

..since you are only ever required to take one dangerous terrain test in a single phase.  A few of the writers play Tyranids so it would only be fitting if they did what they could to make their own army better, right? Here is an example...

GK.54E.01 – Q: Based on GW’s official Grey Knight & Tyranid FAQs can you please clarify what happens in combat when a model armed with a Nemesis Force Halberd and a model with a Tyranid Lash Whip are in base contact with each other? A: The Lash Whip’s Initiative reduction takes precedence over the Halberd’s +2 Initiative bonus [clarification].

This contradicts their 'clarification' for the psychotroke grenade result that reduces models to initiative 1....

GK.60F.04 – Q: If a model suffering from the Psychotroke Grenade ‘The world is spinning’ result has a rule that boosts their Initiative, how is this resolved? A: ‘The world is spinning’ reduces a model’s Initiative before any other modifiers in the Assault phase are applied. So, for example, an assaulting model with ‘Furious Charge’ would strike at I2 and an Eldar Banshee would still have I10 in the first round of an assault [clarification].

There are many more dumb rulings in the INAT that you may be able to find, I'm just done going through it for now. Post up more inconsistencies and errors if you find them!

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