Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chaos Dreadnoughts... worth it?

  So are chaos dreadnoughts worth it? In short, yes. Now they are. I liked them before but nevr truly thought they were worth it due to the fire frenzy. The latest FAQ has made fire frenzy advantageous, though.
  Before the last FAQ, when the dreadnought fire frenzied it shot at the closest unit it could see. It used the walker rules of pivoting in the shooting phase so it could fire all the way around itself. Now, though it's arc is only 45 degrees. This means that a dreadnought with a plasma cannon will now get two shots at the nearest unit it can see, which, if you are a reasonably competant player should only ever be the enemy. It is particularly useful if you have lash. 
  In my opinion, Lash and chaos dreads were made for each other, especially now. If you fire frenzy, great! Two plasma cannon shots at whatever I lash in front of him. If he Rages, great! I'll lash something towards him!
  at 120pts for a chaos dread with a plasma cannon and extra armour... yes please.

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