Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheating at GT's

 Most 'competitive' players at grand tournaments cheat in one way or another, whether it's intentionally forgetting the rules or downright cheating. Here are some examples that I've personally witnessed....

 An example of so called 'forgetting the rules' involves Nick Nanaveti, the guy who won the NOVA invitational this year. He attempted to cheat in front of me at Mechanicon 2010. He charged two units with blood crushers that were '15 apart and left a '12 gap between his models and pretended to be ignorant of the rules. I pointed it out to a judge who addressed the issue, but he has played enough to know the rules. To attempt such shennanigans which merely play on the ignorance of his opponent should have landed him a disqualification.

 Then there is blatant cheating, which is shown by Stelek in this video....

at 33 minutes in, his long fang pack leader dies, which means he will have to move to regain coherency and not be able to fire, he picks up a missile and blatantly moves it so he won't have to.

 There will always be more subtle cheating that these examples, but one thing to remember is, if you're playing somebody at a GT with a reputation for 'winning', they often cheat in some small (or big) way. Keep yours eyes open!

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  1. ...blatant cheating of this sort does create a barrier for me wanting to enter into play. I'm working on an IF army, with the intention of casual play, and knowing my personality, I'll probably eventually want to try tourney play. The problem with me is that I would pick up one of your models and smash it on the floor if I caught you cheating or taking advantage of my lack of knowledge...well not playing locally...probably only, if your name started with "Ste" and ended with "lek".