Friday, February 24, 2012

Conversions in DISMAY! TERD-O-FEX!

 Welcome to a new segment called 'Conversions in dismay'. It is basically 'Armies in dismay' for single model conversions or unit conversions. No models will be posted that I even think that the owner didn't put forth some effort. This is only for those terrible conversions that are made by die hard competitive blowhards with zero respect for the hobby aspect of the game. As is the tradition with the 'dismay' articles, we'll start with something by the scourge of the interwebz.... Stelek!
  To begin his conversion he took a Carnifex! Then he cut off the tip of the gun and glued on the tip of a bigger gun! Then he said 'DONE"!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! He even used the wrong sized base!


  1. um...that is the right sized base. Atleast thats what comes in the box.

  2. It's the right size base for a carnifex, but not a tyrannofex, which has 6 wounds.

  3. This conversion is from two years ago when there wasn't a model. I would know, I have been following YTTH for a while.