Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adepticon Primer Battle Report: Blood Angels vs. Orkwisition!

 At the Adepticon primer held at FTW games last weekend, my first match up was versus a Blood Angels army that was something like this...


Priest, Jump pack, power weapon, infernus pistol x 3

10 assault marines, Power fist, 2 meltas, infernus pistol on sgt x 4

My list, using my orkwisition.....

Libby, shroud, vortex, might

Techmarine, rad psychotroke grenades x 2

9 Death cult assassins, assault cannon razorback, psybolts x 2
3 acolytes, assault cannon razorback, psybolts x 2

Dreadknight, personal teleporter
Land Raider Crusader x2

The mission was killpoints(not good for me), table quarters, and HQ closest to the center. Deployment was spearhead and I won the roll to go first so I set up as far forward as I could, with the two land raiders full of assassins and characters in the center, flanked by the razorbacks and the dreadknight just behind.

He deployed in a line across his deployment zone with all his units about 7 inches back so I couldn't assault cannon him on turn 1.

TURN 1: I move forward with everything cautiosly about 6 inches, except for the dreadknight who moved '12 to behind a building in the center of the board. No shooting. He then shuffles his stuff to the side.

At this point, I'm thinking it's going to be a standoff for the whole game since his 2d6 melta range is '18 and my charge range is '21(about).....

TURN 2: I shuffle a bit forward, trying to guess between '18 and  '21 from him and fire assault cannons, downing 2 marines. yay. He responds by moving one unit towards the center to lure me out of my land raiders, then proceeds to place his unitsa little farther back.

TURN 3: I knowingly take the bait with my dreadknight and fly towards him while the rest of my army sits and shoots to little avail. During the assault phase The dreadknight charged in killing 3 and taking a wound to a power fist. They hold. On his turn he moves Mephiston up to help out his boys in killing the dreadknight and moves sanguinor just up behind to grant them all the +1 attack. Mephiston then charges in and wounds the dreadknight twice (his powers were hooded, including the force weapon) and the dreadknight responds by wounding mephiston twice. The dreadknight then dies to combat He consolidates '3 back and tries to surround mephiston but lacks the room.

TURN 4: Both Land raiders come screaming up around the center building and dropping their compliments next to the unit, sanguinor and mephiston, they then pop smoke. I skip shooting and get right to business. The unit with techmarine and coteaz hits the assault marines and mephiston, while the unit with the libby and techmarine hit the unit and sanguinor. The only model I move into base to base with the sanguinor was the techmarine. Combat finds mephiston and all the assault marines dead. The sanguinor then slays the hapless techmarine. Both my units pile into the sanguinor. His turn he is in a conundrum. He decides to move two units to one side of the sanguinor to see if they can kill one assassin unit in hand to hand. He moves his only other unit at a land raider. with 3 meltas in 2d6 range. During his shooting I use 'the shrouding' and so he pens the land raider 3 times, but I make all my 3+ cover saves. He then charges into one assassin unit with both his assault marines. Before the marines get to go, the sanguinor and all but one marine and priest die to the assassins. Those two die to combat resolution. I then consolidate 1' away from his last unit that tried to mleta my land raider.

TURN 5: Knowing his assault marines are about to be violated and his army tabled, he concedes.
It was a great game and he was a great opponent. Can't wait till out next game!

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