Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Black Templars- still one of the best!

  With the release of the most recent FAQ, Black Templars have become quite the force to be reckoned with. Since their storm shields now offer a 3++ save all the time rather than the 4++ in close combat they used to, they are indeed excellent.
  The best thing, however they have to offer is army wide preferred enemy and furious charge terminators. Throw a unit of 7 and the Emporer's Champ in a crusader and you have a threat to nearly anything that moves, with 28 S5 I5 attacks re-rolling to hit and wound. Seems good, right?
  The other thing you get is all the goodies that come with an old codex, the big one's being- power of the machine spirit on Vindicators, 5 man marine squads with lasannon plasma gun, and best of all, dozer blades on your land raider. That's right. It's the one army where that rotted wood fence won't be immobilizing your land raider. Blessed hull is pretty good but too expensive for all comers lists....
  To show how nasty they can be, here is a quick army that's pretty damn good.

Emporers Champ, Accept any challenge.... (army wide preferred enemy)

7 Assault terminators, lightning claws, furious charge
-Land Raider crusader, dozer blade, smoke

7 Assault terminators, thunder hammers
-Land Raider crusader, dozer blade, smoke

5 Crusaders, lascannon, plasma gun X4

Vindicator, power of the machine spirit
Vindicator, power of the machine spirit

4 small troops to hold objectives is it's only weakness, but if your concerned about that, you can always drop a vindicator for two more Crusader squads. Thoughts?

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