Thursday, February 2, 2012

Armies in Dismay!

  Welcome to 'Armies in Dismay', where I post pictures of terribly painted, or unpainted armies at Grand Tournaments and National events that are suppose to have an enforced painting requirement. I will not post armies that look mediocre simply because the owner lacks the skill or experience, as I used to be in that boat, but only armies that look bad simply because they were rushed for the tournament or obviously lazy. I hope this article ultimately encourages people to try harder.

First up is Stelek's Space Wolves from NOVA open! Primed white, washed blue, and not based. Sounds like the kind of army everyone wants to play, doesn't it! ;P


  1. Aren't they supposed to have like a 3 color minimum to count as "painted"? I can only thank the good Lord that I have never met this Stelek guy cause he sounds like a royal douche!

    1. Yes..... He claims it's drybrushed several colors of blue....

      I don't buy it.