Thursday, February 9, 2012

Armies in Dismay!... RATS!

  Welcome to 'Armies in Dismay', where I post pictures of terribly painted, or unpainted armies at Grand Tournaments and National events that are suppose to have an enforced painting requirement. I will not post armies that look mediocre simply because the owner lacks the skill or experience, as I used to be in that boat, but only armies that look bad simply because they were rushed for the tournament or obviously lazy. I hope this article ultimately encourages people to try harder.
  Today we have a janky Skaven army I had to play against at last year's Adepticon in Chicago! He uses cat toys for hellpit abominations and pocket lint for basing! -and, for the record.... the third pic is supposed to be slaves and the last pic is a warp lightning cannon I think.

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  1. At least a lot of effort went into this, um, army.