Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zombie Imperial Guard

    The other day I came up with the idea to make an Imperial Guard army of zombies.... so I opened up the web browser turns out I didn't come up with the idea. I will, however, try to be the first one who has a zombie IG army that looks good.
    I decided to start my new army by creating some veteran squads. To start I have decided to use
    the KINGS OF WAR UNDEAD REGIMENT BOX. Why The zombies look way better than the GW ones and a box costs $35 for 30 zombies. Then I will dig up some loose Cadian helmets from the heavy weapons teams and drill them out a little so they fit on my new hapless zombies heads. I will then put other IG bits on them and give them lasguns and plasma guns in various poses.

   I should have a unit, or at least a few models done soon and I'll post up some pics!

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