Monday, January 16, 2012


First post from Master Shake, here. Just wanted to address a recent post by Stelek, Scourge of the interwebz.

He recently made a post about a list by TPM over at his blog . The list was a fairly optimized competitive list involving Draigo, 10 Paladins, and some other goodies. (If you want to read more about it, I encourage you to head over to his blog and check it out). The post by Stelek was nothing but an obnoxious rambling by an inferior player.

Let's break down the participants in this one sided dispute shall we:

According to rankings HQ, TPM ws the highest ranked 40k player in America for most of 2011 with several Grand tournament wins, including the 2011 Adepticon team championship.

Stelek is not ranked anywhere near the top with no GT wins. As a matter of fact, most GT's won't let him attend.

Now let's break down the article:

First thing he says is "I know, I know, Blackmoor beat with it"..... hmmm..... Is it possible Stelek is just angry he can't beat it so he trys to throw his limited influence around the interwebz hoping other people don't take it?

Next he points out that his Space wolf list can chew up ten paladins, Draigo, Coteaz, and the techmarine using his missile launchers and lascannons. Apparently, in the world of Stelek, Missile launchers must be AP2. 5 Single shot lascannons would be no problem if only there was a model in there with eternal warrior and a storm shield.... oh wait.

Next he says "is this a joke? Two dreads and three razorbacks are supposed to stop my tanks?". The answer is yes. God knows he can't kill them since all his lascannons would be irritating Draigo.

That's about all he had to say- which basically amounts to nothing worthwhile. He continues on in his comment section justifying his loss to deathstar paladins at NOVA by blaming terrain and cheating.

None of this even addresses player ability. Track records speak for themselves. If he thinks he can beat TPM's list, perhaps Stelek should challenge TPM himself. I doubt that will happen though, given what happened when he challenged Marc Parker.

So in short, Steleks blog is filled with stupidity.....

Utter Supidity....

Yes, the truth hurts.

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