Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did you know? Shooting at vehicles

  I'm going to clear up a few thing that some people get wrong regarding shooting at vehicles. The first issue is which armour value you're firing at. Some people are under the impression that you use a imaginary line 45 degrees from the corner of the vehicle. That's not correct. When determining which armour value you will be firing at you run a line from corner to corner on the vehicle being shot. This means that longer vehicles like chimeras are easier to shoot in the side armour than say, a dreadnought.

  Some people also seem to be under the impression that when determining if a vehicle gets cover, 50% of the vehicle needs to be obscured. This is not true. Only 50% of the armour value you are shooting at needs to be in cover, so is entirely reasonably for a vehicle to be over 50% visible and still get a cover save.

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  1. Great simple post! One other thing of note. If the model is not square, draw and imaginary box tight to the model then make your line from corner to corner. I know I have had to do this many times with odd shaped vehicles like the new fliers (wings are counted as hull) and the Eldar Falcon/Wave Serpent.