Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Knowledge Bomb- Cover? What cover?

  During typical tournament and friendly games, questions regarding cover saves ALWAYS arise, so today we are going to discuss a few things you may or may not know about them-

   The first thing we'll discus is ruins. Most people play them as area terrain and are under the impression that should you be in them, you receive a 4+ cover save. This is not correct. As they are area terrain, you receive a 5+ cover save and only get the 4+ if the model is physically blocked by part of the ruins.
  As long as we're discussing area terrain, here is another tidbit- going to ground will normally grant you a +1 bonus to your cover save, but going to ground in area terrain confers a +2 bonus! This coincidentally means that if you're in ruins that are area terrain, go to ground, and are 25% obscured you get a 2+ save! Some people may argue with this that the +2 only applies to the save granted by the area terrain, but the benefit from going to ground in area terrain applies to all the models cover, not just that granted by the area terrain.

 An important change to note with 6th edition is also that area terrain has no effect on models shooting out of it, unless their target is actually obscured.

 Hopefully this will make your future dealings with cover saves more understandable!


  1. Great to know about the +2 in Area Terrain.
    p91 has the info :) Thanks!

  2. Unless that area terrain is a forest, in which case per the rules for forests the shooting model traces it's line of fire over the base in order to fire out, and thus grants it's target a 5+ cover save, pretty much always, unless the edge of their base is at the edge of the forest.